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Can't wait to see what happen next

Yeah me neither 

I have a lot of hate toward some characters but this is a good VNs. nothing to say about the art and lore but MICKEY, PLEASE!!!! Shut you goddamn mouth next time!!!

I just checked their Twitter at least working on Chapter 6 as of six days ago and if you got to factor in patreon getting it first whenever they finish it

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Not that I know of but hopefully it be will  soon 

woah any news on this vn?

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About that disclaimer…

“This VN is a combination of comic/manga and writing styles. So, the VN structure is different from the other normal VN.

If you are the kind of reader that likes to read visual novels that doesn’t have awkward moments, / weird script / or anything that makes you feel “edgyness” is too much.”

  1. Man I’m laughing from the awkwardness, I feel like I’m watching some kind of comedy anime. It feels so… like a comedy done for a TV show, but it hits the spot for me. I’m enjoying this by just finishing the prologue and starting the first chapter.

  2. The awkwardness is literally making it harder to read for me. But, because it’s making me laugh or really take a few seconds to let it sink in.

Chapter 4: Since when cuteness is considered a part of a sexuality? I understand what the narrator is trying to tell, but… I never thought about something or someone cute in a sexual manner. Now this just me, maybe is sexual for others. Whatever…

Life changing… So this story is told from whom? The narrator or The Main Character/Human/Person who we can change the name of?

This is going to make me more confused.

Chapter 5: Wow… well hidden. It was intense… From fun and happy to hectic and stressful. It was rather extremely fast for me. I’m dumbfounded, honestly… after MC and Draveyar problem… It hurts a bit.

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I'm mad at both the MC and the white wolf after the recent chapter. It's obvious that's going to be a Draveyar love story so that Mikey better find his own boyfriend maybe a human from the university and different from the MC

Story got me interested after chapter 3, quite different from the other visuals. Hope the creator is able to publish more chapters.


The visual novel was great. I played till 5 and hope to see the next cahpter soon.


I can not play the novel, it remains in the main menu and do not react when I press any button

I play in Android 


Hello there, the itch goblin Padascos here.
A bit late as ever.

We have been hearing about technical faults of all kind, connected to Android systems. As someone who does not own one I cannot confirm the direct issues and fix them directly, yet people before have reached out to other players and talked about the version of the system you use for visual novels to work on android being the problem. As that is the best I can describe it as and given the fact that I have no idea if it is about not using the newest version or actually using the newest one, I advice after a retried installation to also try an older version of your VN playing software, or a newer one should you have not updated it.
How do you do that? No idea. But I am pretty sure you will find a way to work it out, Google will be your friend there as I reach my limit, as a good old apple slave.

Kindest regards from the Wolfsbane Team.

I'll try this method as well: install JoiPlay from the Playstore and then emulate the windows version. It should work without issues.

REALLY GREAT VN!!(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)

Its just that i really mad about the MC from chapter 5😭

Cant wait for ch 6 :D!

I honestly hope things will be get better with the boys, I am a bit crushed about what happened at the end of Chapter 5.

not a bad vn! however, I think you're in desperate need of some proofreaders. I'm noticing a lot of grammatical errors and unnatural dialogue starting around chapter 4.

Darky Ryu is Japanese, that's why the grammar is questionable. But he's already very multi-talented, so he doesn't have to be good at English, also.

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I think all is great and I love this game, but I think it needs more portrait art, like the MC always have a smug face even in tension/weird moments, that my thoughts about it

Okay so here is my problem i can't click the load or the start button or anything  

Same on android

same its renpy problem with android 11  i think, since my other phone with android 10 can still play this game just fine

other game that have the same problem is lyre, ocean Avenue, ico, and all of them is made with renpy 

What the time difference between Patreon and Public releases?

1 week

I love the extra comics that is in the files! You guys are the best!



Hello, darkdragon563. I like your game very much. I translated it into Chinese. Do you need me to send you a Chinese version?

(-3) You can email me if you need


Well we are happy that you are healthy once again, just make sure to take a break sometime, yes we are excited for the update but we also care for your health, so stay healthy and we'll be waiting for the update, thankies!

Hello im excited in the next update of this VN, you know i love this VN promise... May be soon i want to support this VN.. i love the story line.. Keep it up.. 😊😊😊😊😊

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Hello ones again from the Wolfsbane Team, more directly, the teams Itch Goblin.

while Cylerlord did share an older Comment from DD about the release date, recent times and Health changes on his End have lead to the realization that the current release date likely will not work out.

For that reason, expect Chapter 5 to more likely release in March or April.

Not much anyone can do about that sadly. We will try our best to get the next chapter out as soon as we can, and to prevent such unfortunate delays with the next one, but in the end, we can not prevent these troubles.

We hope no one is let down by this news.

Best wishes from the Team here at Wolfsbane.
May you all have a nice few weeks.

Oh, this seem bit before the Mess up when I look at the dates.

Does anyone know when the next update is?

Hello there. Padascos here, the ever present Itch Goblin.

As of Recent, DD, the creator and head of development, has been in medical care due to some Chinese New Year mess up. Do not worry, he is fine.

As it Stands, it might take a little longer for the Update to get out, as of course, all the Updates go through finishing touches by him and with him. Though, he, and the rest of us, will do our best to make sure the next Update releases at some point this Month. no strong dates are given, simply due to the fact that something like that never works out.

We hope the wait for the next update is not to painful to hold out on, though, if you really desire to be up to date on these things, joining the Discord is always an option.

In the name of the Team, We hope that you so far enjoyed the Novel and will so in the future. Best wishes, from the whole Wolfsbane Crew.

omg i hope he gets better and I've loved this game so far that's why i asked cause its got me hooked and the art is beautiful who ever id drawing the characters and the background are talented af

Right they really are

Ahh that sad hope he feel better soon 

Gosh, I hope both of them get well soon. Cheer!

Hey Padascos, i know it early but Kindas want to know how they been doing so far snice the Chinese New Year mess up.

DD is doing a lot better since the incident.

He is back to working on the Game, and managing our stuff like before.

That is good news! Thank you for letting us know! ~

Why did it actually scare me when he was talking about the windego....

Maybe cause it's real and lurking in the darkness in your backyard hahaha

That's not funny 😭

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come on  dude they live in cold places


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Can't wait for the next update

That ending plot twist was too much for me… First Timmy is dead… and now we see the narrator?! Either that or I failed to find the difference between the two…

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Funny about Narrator, look closely to his face and little guy wolf face.

I can't wait for the next chapter in late February ☺️

I really love this Vn

This looks fun! Unfortunately the apk doesn't seem to be recognized on my android device, but it sounds fun. Does the apk work for anyone else or just me out of curiosity?


Pada here, as always the Itch Goblin for the Team.

Sorry for the late reply, I just got off my Winter brake. 

The only issue our side could find, if you have not fixed it yet, is that you may have accidentally not trusted the apk file on your phone, blocking it from working.

Other issues I could see either involve the Android device you use, not working at all with apk files due to age, or simple incompatability. Though, you must forgive me there, as an Iphone freak, I cannot call on that. 

We of course do hope you were able to fix the issue, now after 2 days.

If not, and the issue persists, after setting the apk file to trusted, and trying to check if your device even can play it, maybe try another Download. 

If any issue persist, we might be out of luck, as the issue is sadly not one we can fix on our side. 

This is mostly information for others with similar issues, maybe unable to comment or ask for themselves in the future. As I do greatly hope you were able to fix the issues in time, or moved on. 

With best hopes and wishes, from the Cafe and Team.

I think at the time, i downloaded 4 apk files and for some reason, the was the only one not working then with a lack of . in the apk or something else going on(?) Or perhaps a accidental chinese apk click. Anyways I redownloaded it and it seems to work now, so that works. 

is this a sfw or a nsfw vn


Currently it is sfw. mostly. technically. yes, lets go with technically.
Though, i assume you, with time, it will turn nsfw.
When, is another question, and wont be answered yet.

Yeh so, what chapter will the spicy 🔥 scenes come to life?


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Wow, plot twists in every chapter. This vn really makes me wish it happens to me in real life but I realized it's just a frickin fiction. Meh, there's no harm in dreaming at times. Btw I liked your vn very much and already can't wait for the new chapter. Keep up the good work!!

(Hope you and your family are    safe during these hard times, especially the massive floods that hit us right now)

Hello beautiful people of this great VN community of this wonderful game, I hope you had a good time this Christmas, and I hope that the developers have a well-deserved rest at this time.

Merry Christmas to all <3

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eh finally something that makes me feel :) 

i'll get back to you after my miniature existential crisis while i run some hypothetical calculations ...

eh who am i kidding, I'm not going to do all that work.
you did have me for a moment but i resolved to my usual solution pretty quickly.

self assessment is paradoxical, there is no possible way for me to accurately observe myself.
as clever as i am there is no way for me to compensate for all potential bias just like it would be impossible for me to stand in front of myself regardless of how fast i am.

it's not really an answer to the question posed in the beginning of chapter 4 but it's an answer that keeps me from drinking all the coffee pods trying to figure out the actual answer XD.

i also have the suggested fixes based on my attempts to understand what is being said.

their png files, screenshots with writing over them.
there is 33 of them taken throughout so i don't really think it best to post them just randomly here.

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The Game Over screen just send me flying ahahahhahaha.

It keeps on blowing my mind.  

Keep up the work, I love every bit of this VN :D

How can I skip everything to the end of chapter 3? I try to skip with the corresponding button but it doesn't work

Padascos here, as always, for the direct support.

I am gonna doubt there is any way to do so, without having been there already. You will simply have to play it again, and make your Enter or M1 Key regret existing for a while. Sorry, there simply is no other way so far I know.
But, as this post is 3 hours old by now, sorry on that, I am gonna guess you did this already, so I hope ya could get to it quickly, and with ease.

Kind regards, and a few sorrys from the Wolfsbane Team here.

Ok thanks, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to kill the "Enter" button on my keyboard to get to the end of chapter 3


Damn... i Love it, i can't wait for chapter 5... at first i like little zearu he so cute, but when i saw him now (in chapter 4) Damn... and kinda funny with "Why u so cute" route, i laugh hard to pick that choice. ^^

Padascos in the name of the Wolfsbane Team here.

Happy to hear ya enjoyed the little Game over side route we put in. We personally found great enjoyment in making it, mainly because one of our Members working on it, like most of you peeps by now, would love to get to the point with Draveyar finally. Yet, as the Narrator finely put, ya gotta play the long Game, or nothing.

Kindest regards, the Wolfsbane Team. hoping for your Continued Support.

i like it, has a few bits of weirdness with grammar here and there but nothing major, i was at least able to puzzle out what you meant.

not as intense as ya make it out to be but then again it takes a lot to get under my skin.
though it looks like the main character does not share my great mental fortitude for he seems very emotionally radioactive,
to be fair i wasn't always with great mental fortitude.

later i'll replay the game and take note of all the weird places that i've run into, i have a feeling not all of the weirdness is unintentional but im still going to get it all recorded anyways.

but for now i think i'll take a nap and hopefully nobody messes around with the electricity, not because i fear them but i've already had 1 hard drive corrupted by a power failure, it's very very annoying and i don't want to start my picture collection all over again :( .


Hello there, Padascos here, one of Script workers and your Personal Contact from Itch to the Team.
Also yes, I'm still called Padacos in the credits and here on the side, because reasons.

I can assure you, the bits of weirdness you found are very often intentional and meant to be there, as this VN is meant to be one that is rather out there with its extreme chaotic nature.

Also the grammar thing, yes, we are knowledgeable of those, and try our best to work them out, as there is additions to other chapters every update, many of which we Scripts chaps don't even get to read sometimes, for good reasons.

Also yes, the MC is rather, well, Childish would be a good way of putting it, maybe ignorant. That is something that surely puts off a few people out there, yet we feel is a good approach, as to give other Characters on the story the capability to be better. Also it helps to prevent a loop going of simple positive reactions to anything.

Well, as I think I covered a bit of the stuff ya mentioned, I will go back to working. We all of course hope you continue to enjoy the VN, and its upcoming update, to the fullest, without technical issues getting in your way.

With kindest regards, the Wolfsbane Team.

the weirdness is the grammar thing i mentioned. they are one and the same.
I'll do my best to document everything but im currently playing through a different VN ... but i just noticed this game has an update :)

i'd almost be tempted to help out as well with the programming but i'm not exactly knowledgeable  in the ren'py engine nor do i really fancy the syntax (Python style ,i prefer C style) but hope you enjoy yourself doing all that typing.

Is this game LGBT?

Yes :)

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