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Can you add the hide button please ? I want to see the scenes without the text. I use the Android version

Is micky gay

Just finished it was the best super good Visual novel I have played

I do not regret it

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Go to horny jail ang horny mo hahahahahahah but either way cute namam sya hhhaj

Not so much be

 Love scars 

I'm on the state of soo much crying and then you cut it how dare you 😭😭😭😭 i didn't get anything to make me feel better it just feel soo much worst now 😭😭😭 i can't take it i need to save draveyar 😭😭😭


Does this game have nsfw scenes?

Hi, new reader here, is this going to be a VN with branches or will it basically be linear with flavour text based on choices?

I'm going to enjoy it anyway but I'm curious which direction you're going with this.



maybe linear 

Hmmmmmmmmmm the novel is very good and almost had nosebleed after a i saw micky  can i recommend? can you add like glichi~thing when changing to the bloody part to add more horror element to it. 

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Such a nice Visual Novel I had ever seen. Can I recommend something? If u don't mind. Can u add the Gallery which can save the pictures from important scenes or background or characters?  And I'm thinking that I haven't seen one thing in this VN. That is .... Is Draveyar and Micky can see in the night times. I have heard that wolves have very good sight. So they can se in the dark? (The Main Character too). And u asked the fur color of when the main character will become werewolf. I did write White. Is that really work when the main character will become the werewolf or hybrid? I hope u will answer me...... 🥹

Hi, thank you for ya support.

For ya answer;

1) It a great idea but also a bad idea as well since you can manually press "s" key to screenshot the game and my schedules pretty tide to do extra artwork unless you can wait more than a years for the update. (Technically wont happen since im coincider the other reader as well, so I cant add those features)

2) They can see in the dark but the narrator will always noticed us about certain scene need to be noted or awared.

3) Spoiler wont be reveal unless you are Alpha Subscribers patreon.

I hope this answers your question and Im sorry if this answer might not satified the question.

Hi, just adding my thought on the gallery issue if I'm repeating what you already know just ignore me; I believe the original poster is asking for a gallery to view CGs and the like that you've already created and added to the VN, you can find such galleries in most VNs created with Renpy, I think the galleries in GhostieSpectie's Spirit: Summoners of Aine-Chlair would be the most in line with what the original poster was describing.

Avoid if can't take 'OW THE EDGE' vibes? Righto I appreciate the straightforward heads-up. 👋


Chapter six is everything for me. The short laughs, the many tears, the music...
Some mild semblance of spoilers ahead: 

The howling is what unraveled things for me.
I haven't shed this many tears since Echo Project's Echo and Arches, and Jericho's Remember the Flowers VNs.

Good work.


您好,我可以使用游戏中的音乐吗?在我的 Scratch 小游戏中用作背景音乐?

You are not allowed to use any official song from this VN since its under copyright law.


Thank you for making such a good game, there are 6100+ image files alone, especially your attention to the character of Delavia

came back from a while of not playing and went to load the save i had but couldn't so i went to start a new...

does the game not have english anymore?


Chapter 6 is really good chapter

It make me feels a lot. 

I really can't wait for the next chapter cuz I can't wait to know about how he can save to Draveyar....

I hope I can make an anime if I can animate well

You're amazing

I have never seen a visual novel series like this before

This VN is really the best

I wish you will be always healthy and you can draw more :3

Love your Visual Novel, Storyboard and Draveyar Lesters much

I recommend it will be really great if you add the gallery to review the pictures of characters or scenes and the background songs

I hope you will add about that things

Thanks u for making the VN like this ^^

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Anyone experiencing this bug in the game where if I launch the game and press any button or just the screen, the game will just crash.

Okey ahora estoy roto con la ultima actualización... Vamos protagonista tienes que hacer algo QwQ




I want to ask, can I make a video of the game experience and post it on the Chinese website?Please!!! I will mark the author.And I'm from China,I like this game very much:)

Yes, sure



Recently I have been playing VN Furrys because it is the most abundant, and I am very grateful that they give an explanation of what the community is and what a fursona is since I did not know everything that was behind its creation, needless to say that I loved the game

PS: Sorry if something is spelled wrong, use the translator

I like to ask what is the music used in the titles



Oooo what a twist of bad fate, but dang that cliffhanger is really bugs me out XP, Gonna wait for another long day :p


Jesus, is bin a while to have a visual novel hit me with so many feels, keep up the good work.


Yey new update❤❤❤❤

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when ubdate

tonight, at my time zone 83

This game is amazing. When will it be translated into Chinese

not sure 

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Okeeeeeey, where do i start? 

1: English its my 2 lenguage and its very diferent from Portuguese (yes i live in hell {Brazil}) and i'm basically fluent at this point, Just not when writing, sooooo...sorry if its bad rn -w-'

2: ok, im loving the story so far! its like a comedy anime, awkward was Fu** and non sense all over the place (like the people at wolfsbane cafe thinking that its a costume when draveyar can move freely in it, and on top of that he spoke moving his mouth in perfect sync with his worlds.

A quick warning: Some spoilers ahead i think  

i Love zearu, hes cute and funny, but i dont really get what the deal whit Zearutrix? I mean, he and mickey manipulated MC to hurt draveyar right? So why the fuck is he roasting MC for tinking he was being used by drave and his trauma?  Yeah MC dint need to be **THAT** Mean, but wtf bro its Just what you wanted!!

Did i get it wrong?

Also please mickey, Just... die, or get muted, because Holy shit, and being handsome doesn't frase you from your sins YOU MF

But yeah, cool and fun game, waiting for chapter 6!

Edit: Ok maybe i was too harsh with mickey, he fucked up just 1 time, so for now hes fine.

Hello There everyone, Pada here from the Wolfsbane Team.

Sorry for the little contact to this part of the fanbase and further more little help with troubles, the past few weeks were very busy for most of us, due to school or work related activities. 

I will work down the list of things asked for, worried about or simply mention worthy as I read this Section so if you are only interested in specific things feel free to look for the highlighted part you desire.

Is the Project Dead?

As others lovingly informed you all, no it is not dead. In fact it is more alive than it has been for a while. For why progress has been comparatively slow, well, I harped on that part already. We are all pretty busy with life things, especially I am with new work I have picked up, though on that front I can tell you I will be back to finish my work on the current Chapters scripts in the coming days given I will have a week off soon. 

Any News?

Well uh, hello, here is the news. Sometimes it takes a bit, my bad. The Teams progress is good and stuff, I guess. NEWS! yeah. 

Hatred towards characters.

Mutual my dear friends. I hate many of them too, do not worry though, I am sure DD will be nice enough to eventually have them all suffer in their own ways. Also bad VN enjoyer! BAD BAD BAD! Stop thinking thats a good thing! Thats my job. 

Current Length of the Novel.

It is hard to tell as it does come down to your reading style. When I first read through it, keep in mind chapter 3 only came out by then, it was roughly 2 hours of reading and taking moments from here and there to just enjoy the situations? I would put a rough guess at 4 hours of exactly that, likely faster if you rush through and probably slower if you are not just checking for errors like me. 

Chinese Translation?

Last time I checked up on that it was not happening. Not yet at least, I am actually not sure on the matter, it has gone back and forth a few times, though be assured we are trying our hardest to get it going, given we want to extend a hand to the people who would like that. 

Well that seems to be it, Thank god I checked here again after... 3 weeks. My bad again, sorry. As for that, I shall bid you all a good day, night or eternal void for now.

Your Wolfsbane Team, and especially, your Itch Goblin, Padascos. 

Will the Chinese translation continue ?

how long is the visual novel so far just curious

Is the game done for? :(


Author update on Twitter from a few days ago says he's 70% done and hopes to get the build finished by the end of this month.

That's good to hear he's doing okay!


Can't wait to see what happen next

Yeah me neither 


I have a lot of hate toward some characters but this is a good VNs. nothing to say about the art and lore but MICKEY, PLEASE!!!! Shut you goddamn mouth next time!!!


I just checked their Twitter at least working on Chapter 6 as of six days ago and if you got to factor in patreon getting it first whenever they finish it

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Not that I know of but hopefully it be will  soon 

woah any news on this vn?

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About that disclaimer…

“This VN is a combination of comic/manga and writing styles. So, the VN structure is different from the other normal VN.

If you are the kind of reader that likes to read visual novels that doesn’t have awkward moments, / weird script / or anything that makes you feel “edgyness” is too much.”

  1. Man I’m laughing from the awkwardness, I feel like I’m watching some kind of comedy anime. It feels so… like a comedy done for a TV show, but it hits the spot for me. I’m enjoying this by just finishing the prologue and starting the first chapter.

  2. The awkwardness is literally making it harder to read for me. But, because it’s making me laugh or really take a few seconds to let it sink in.

Chapter 4: Since when cuteness is considered a part of a sexuality? I understand what the narrator is trying to tell, but… I never thought about something or someone cute in a sexual manner. Now this just me, maybe is sexual for others. Whatever…

Life changing… So this story is told from whom? The narrator or The Main Character/Human/Person who we can change the name of?

This is going to make me more confused.

Chapter 5: Wow… well hidden. It was intense… From fun and happy to hectic and stressful. It was rather extremely fast for me. I’m dumbfounded, honestly… after MC and Draveyar problem… It hurts a bit.

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