Chapter 5 is official released to public!

Hey guys,

It's been quite a while since the last update, yeah I having trouble with my health and a lot of art work need to be done by my self since my assistance not available to help me to do the art sprite. So here is Chapter 5 update! Gonna remind you that this chapter kinda a quite bit darker than before.

I do really hope you guys enjoy the new update and not to put high expectation for the update but we already did our best to make it more entertain to read.

As this writing, I already began making chapter 6 since the chapter 6 gonna be a long chapter compare previous one.

Enjoy reading!

Any issue of the upadate, you can contact us through here or at our discord server ( for faster respond).




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I impatient for Chapter 6 and I hope you healthy always😁 (sorry if my speak bad)


you really need to have a long rest, you already made a lot of progress and we are happy about it! 

Also I finished the chapter and well... this feels really weird even for me but it hits kinda different, I feel really devastated in this chapter... like its too heavy. and draveyar really got some damage in this chapter, just no please no its too much. but all in all this made me want to continue to look forward to this VN. wish you the best! and I hope to see the next part of this story. And lastly thank you for another wonderful chapter


Health comes first please don't overdo yourself,hard workers like you and your team definitely deserves a break.


Thanks for the update!  Look after yourself, health is imoprtant!


boi take care of yourself first fr